Shaoxing/China: Beyond Yue|Jianhu Revival

Jianhu (Jian Lake) is the origin of local Yue civilization. It has witnessed the vitality and development of the city for thousands of years. Sitting at the junction between the Keqiao urban zone and Kuaiji Mountain landscape, it features a unique blended context of “mountain, lake, city and farmland”, and also a number of beautiful humanistic stories. Today, under Keqiao's development positioning—the "International Textile Capital", Jianhu is opening up and embracing creativity altogether.

Under the background of a new era, we would like to invite global planners, architects, and designers,hereby to submit your “transcending” proposals along the lakeshore, thus to create a revived, prosperous Jianhu that transcends time and space, transcends imagination, carries and reveals the super Yue culture, and goes beyond it!

在新时代的背景下,我们立足于鉴湖两岸,向全球规划师、建筑师、设计师征集 “超越性” 设计方案,希冀打造出超越时空、超越想象、承载超级越文化并超越越文化的鉴湖新盛景!

The competition includes two sections, which are conceptual planning and urban design.

1)概念规划 Conceptual Planning

范围:位于鉴湖旅游度假区内,以鉴湖为核心,东西长12.6公里,总占地面积约36.1平方公里。涵盖黄酒小镇、酷玩小镇2个省级特色小镇,柯岩风景区、大香林 · 兜率天宫、乔波冰雪世界、东方山水乐园4个AAAA级景区,三佳村、湖塘村、宾舍村等传统村落,马臻纪念馆等重要旅游资源点。

Scope: It is located in Jianhu Tourist Resort, adopts Jianhu as the core and is 12.6 kilometers long from east to west, with a site area of about 36.1 square kilometers. It covers two provincial characteristic towns; including Rice Wine Town and Cool Wow Town, AAAA National Tourist Attractions including Keyan Scenic Area, Daxianglin · Tusita Scenic Area, Qiaobo Ice and Snow World and Oriental Neverland, and the traditional villages including Sanjia Village, Hutang Village, and Binshe Village, etc., as well as plenty of significant sightseeing spots including Mazhen Memorial Museum.

Requirements: Focus on the landscape gene and Yue culture rooted in Jianhu, attach the great significance to the continuity of Jianhu cultural context, and construct Jianhu space with the Yue culture charms of new era and ecological civilization potentials. Put forward the overall planning concept from the macro level, implement the overall spatial guidance, create public open spaces, build a diversified transportation system, and propose the overall implementation plan.

Scope of Conceptual Planning

2)方案设计 Urban Design


Scope: Eight major areas including Jianhu Source Exploration, Ancient Wine New Songs, Haishan Spacetime, Yue Dream Island, Art Woven Keqiao, Poetry Frontier, Dynamic Lake & Mountain, Glorious Keyan, with the total site area of about 14.6 square kilometers.

Requirements: Follow the positioning of each area, carry out urban design and shape the cultural space and features for each area. Specifically, it includes the refinement of the functional format of each area, design of spatial form, and improvement of public open spaces; At the same time, to manifest the characteristics of Jianhu, in combination with the needs of spatial layout and landscape shaping, a site should be selected to carry out the concept design of "The Jianhu Eye" as the gateway landmark building.



The competition consists of two stages:
The first stage is the short-listing stage for public registration & qualification review and selection of proposals,
from early December 2021 to mid-February 2022;
The second stage is the submission of conceptual planning & urban design and competition review,
from early March 2022 to late April 2022.

郑时龄 ZHENG Shiling
Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Academician of the French Academy of Architecture

崔愷 CUI Kai
Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Chief Architect of CADI

孙继伟 SUN Jiwei
Consultant Professor of CAUP, Tongji University;
Former Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal People's Government;
Former Director of Shanghai Urban Planning and Land Resource Administration Bureau

周俭 ZHOU Jian
Dean of TJUPDI;
Professor of CAUP, Tongji University

迈克尔 · 格罗夫 Michael Grove

Chair of Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering & Ecology of SASAKI;
Vice President of Development at the Landscape Architecture Foundation

马卫东 MA Weidong
Founder of IAM;
Executive of a+u (Architecture and Urbanism)

Stay tuned for more heavyweight judges!

The total bonus pool is up to RMB 9.5 million (incl. GST), with 6 finalists including:
1 First Prize: award RMB 3,000,000 (incl. GST)
1 Second Prize: award RMB 2,000,000 (incl. GST)
1 Third Prize: award RMB 1,500,000 (incl. GST)
3 Finalist Award: each award RMB 1,000,000 (incl. GST)
The winner of the competition will have the priority in the subsequent Shaoxing Jianhu conceptual planning and urban design of relevant plots, participating in the creation and implementation of Jianhu Revival.

Organizer: People's Government of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province
Contractor: Jianhu Tourist Resort Management Committee, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province
Co-organizer: One-tenth Art Company

In the open registration stage, all contestants with relevant design experience (independent legal entity, consortium, individual) globally can register for the competition. One consortium shall consist of no more than 3 members, and each party of the consortium is not allowed to take part in the competition separately in its own name or by composing a consortium with other design institutions.

The formal registration will start in early December 2021. Interested design institutions are welcome to scan the code to submit the pre-registration information, and pay close attention to the upcoming competition information.

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The videos in this article are provided by Jianhu Tourist Resort Management Committee;the photos are provided by Jianhu Tourist Resort Management Committee and Chinese National Geography. Follow the Things of Jianhu published soon in November to get more information about Jianhu.

* 本次竞赛具体要求、赛程及时间安排等以拾分之壹正式发布竞赛文件为准。
The specific requirements, agenda and schedule of this competition are subject to the officially issued competition documents by One-tenth.


Anmeldeschluss 14.02.2022

Gebäudetyp Städtebau
Art Wettbewerbe und Dienstleistungen
Zulassungstyp ohne Zuweisung
Ort des Wettbewerbs Shaoxing City (China)
Wettbewerbstyp offener Ideenwettbewerb (2-phasig)
Zulassungsbereich interantional
Auslober People's Government of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province (China)
Teilnehmer Architekt*innen, Landschaftsarchitekt*innen, Stadtplaner*innen
Preise Wettbewerbssumme: 9.500.000 RMB
Wettbewerbssprache(n): Chienesisch, Englisch
Wettbewerbsleistungen Die seenreiche Gegend um Shaoxing ist bekannt für ihren Reiswein und ihre kuturelle Vergangenheit. Ziel des Wettbewerbes ist es, die malerische Region für die heutige Zeit fitzumachen. Es gibt zwei Planungsgebiete.

Termine Anmeldung bis: 14.02.2022