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China East Lake Tai- International Public Art Competition -Wujiang

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Scope of Wujiang East Lake Tai Ecological Tourism Resort in Overall Plan is to No. 230 Provincial Highway in the east, to the Tangjiashan Harbor in Qidu in the south, adjacent to Lake Tai in the west, to Suzhou Gulf Bridge in the north, with land coverage of 16.8 km and 23 km of lake shoreline. The Tourism Resort takes "Healthiness, Carefree, and Delight in East Lake Tai" as the theme, leisure and tourism markets of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai as primary target market. Development goal of the project is to take the transformation of Wujiang from sightseeing into vacationing as platform, establish the landmark in the southeast of Jiangsu Province to treat visitors of tourism, leisure, vacation from Shanghai and Zhejiang, and build the Tourism Resort into Tourism Resort with Most Ecological Charm in Lakeside of Lake Tai and Best Lakeside Leisure Base along Lakeside of Lake Tai, and the noted domestic destination of healthiness and carefree in lakeside. The capacity of facilities in the Tourism Resort is 500,000 visitors annually in the future. Spatial structure of Colourful Ribbons and Multi-element Groups is formed in overall planning of the Tourism Resort. There are seven groups in the planning, namely Lakeside Commercial Group, Sports and Leisure Group, Hot-spring Healthiness Group, Bush and Garden Group, Holiday Hotel Group, Village Fairy Tales Group, Cultural Hesychasm Group from the north to south successively. Hundred-li(50km) of scenery band of East Lake Tai is displayed evidently by construction of Golden Lakeshore surrounding Lake Tai. In the future, the groups will focus on development of series of tourism items with local advantages such as fine food, sightseeing, yacht, sports, hot spring, traditional artistry, cultural cultivation, rural, forest and field scenes, etc. Meanwhile, the Tourism Resort will be equipped with east and west entrance of highway in the north, the entrance of fishing gulf in the centre and entrance of Qidu Lake Tai Temple, and three Tourist Distribution Centres in the entrances of the north, centre and south, which can provide one-station services for tourists.
At the end of August 2012, People’s Government of Jiangsu Province admitted Wujiang East Lake Tai Ecological Tourism Resort as a provincial-level tourism resort. After planning and construction for many years as well as advancement of tourism projects, accumulated 16.5 Billion CNY has been invested in the Tourism Resort hitherto. Comprehensive Transform Project of East Lake Tai, construction of inside road network and infrastructures for greening, etc. have been completed fundamentally. Numerous projects have been constructed with theme and characteristics of Lake Tai Sightseeing, Hot-spring Bathing, Lake Delicacies and Fathom of Chinese Learning, such as Ecological Park of East Lake Tai, Emerald Island, Grand Hotel of East Lake Tai, Suzhou Gulf Delicacy City, Lake Tai Fishing Gulf, Oasis of Lake Tai, Green Village Park, etc. There are many projects in construction such as Suzhou Gulf Water Street, Lake Seeing Stand, Sports Park, First-stage Project of Wangyan Hot-spring, Meridien Hotel of East Lake Tai, Golden Lake Coast Tourism Complex, Sun Island, Qianggang Farm Stay and so on.
From 2015, Wujiang East Lake Tai Ecological Tourism Resort Committee launched the public art project, aiming to make a new Lake Tai bund with public art works. “Wonderland” Public Art Competition, as the part of project, was launched first.

From river village to city, rural to urban, Jiangnan river towns are in a conflict of modern development and traditional culture. Wujiang is accelerating the formation of a waterfront town, whose history dated to the birthplace of "Wu culture"6000 years ago, Majiabang culture. Now the new capital of water and ancient banks of Lake Tai(or Lake Taihu) is growing into a city. With drizzles and aerial ports, the ancient legend of Taihu is casted in new context.
"Water City” is going to innovate modern public area according to cultural heritage, explore sustainable development of the Yangtze River Delta, and create a vibrant city with outstanding geographical and cultural feature.
"Wonderland", is a magic public art: dancing with water, the dynamic core of water city. Illusion enhances the spirit of public life, creates a harmonious state with public participation and interaction.
We provide an abundant space for worldwide artists and designers to make a difference.

General Award:80,000 RMB(1 person/team in total)

Subarea Awards:30,000 RMB /team(3 person/teams in total)

Finallists:10,000 RMB /team(5 person/teams in total)
(The awarded designers should pay tax by themselves, and there is no extra pay for the any contestants.)