Hackcity: 100 Moving Pixels, Guiyang / China

Hackcity: 100 Moving Pixels

PIXCITY DAO, a decentralized and independent self-organization initiated by PIX Moving. It will initiate, support, operate and implement creative design events about „PIXCITY Future City“.

Competition Context
According to Wiener’s Cybernetics, a city‘s complex changing orders necessitate a dynamic loop of „feedback-adjustments“ to preserve its inner balance. However, modern cities are now patternized and plagued by issues like traffic congestion, over-centralization etc. and reluctanct to react dynamically to the changing needs of people.

Earlier in 1964, Archigram proposed a visionary, but contentious, solution called „Plug-in City,“ in which living spaces became „capsules“ with personalized designs that were plugged into the city. The plug-in city is ideally installed by a massive crane, which appeared unrealistic at the moment and could not be finished.

Hopefully, with autonomous chassis and other new technologies available today, the „crane“ and „capsules“ will be replaced with dynamic moving spaces - Robobus. This led to the introduction of PIXCITY as a sustainable superorganism and an organized prototype running based on moving spaces.

Igniting ideas and designs has become an urgent need. Hackcity, a PIX Moving design Hackthon, is where urban designers, urban planners, architects, architectural institutions and even students can share talents and intelligence. We refer the participants as „city hackers“ in recognition of the contribution that you will make to the community and city of the future.

Before the event, all city hackers will gather in a PIXCITY DAO Discord community to connect and build teams.

You are encouraged to improvise from the following, but not limited to, three perspectives:
1. To create various real-life scenarios of moving space used in the smart city
2. To address the issues afflicting modern cities
3. To plan a ‚15-minute‘ community ecosystem

Hackcity welcomes architects, urban planners, urban scientists, related institutions, as well as practitioners, students, and enthusiasts with a background in disciplines related to architecture and urban design.

Registration Deadline: December 9, 2022
Competition Start: December 15, 2022
Submission Deadline: February 10, 2023
Voting & Selection: February 11–27, 2023
Result Announcement: February 28, 2023

Total Prize Fund: 37,000$

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